12 months, 12 books, 12 workshops, 6 Bestsellers, 1 Book Journey Mentor

This year has been a phenomenal year for us. And it all started with a simple dream. I had a dream of creating a platform where our powerful stories and messages could be heard. I had a dream of working with aspiring authors who want to see their ideas through to fruition. I had a dream of using our powerful stories, experiences and journeys to empower others and the dream has now begun!


What I want to stress to you is that no dream is ever attainable by man or woman alone. A dream is only as big as the team one chooses to surround themselves by; this includes your support system as well as the physical team you choose to hire within your business.


Conscious Dreams’ foundation is passion fused with the belief that we are living in a world where so many of our stories are silenced by gatekeepers who are looking for the next “best thing.” Self-publishing, however, is an honourable way to get started. In fact, 58% of ebooks are written by self-published authors. What sets us apart from the rest? We care about your journey and our aim is to empower you through helping you to understand the self-publishing process and create a vision for your book that doesn’t just end with publishing. Your book should always be seen as a passport to somewhere else so the clearer you are on your vision, the more successful your book will be. We help you to create that vision and stay in control of your book sales or royalties. We don’t act as a middle wo/man.



Reinvent You!

Since we launched in May, we have run two six-week workshops for women who are serious about getting published.  Since our first six-week workshop in Oct-Nov, The Power of Your Story one of our attendees and mentees, Divorce Recovery Coach, Zina Arinze, (AKA Reinvention Queen!) went on to publish her book, “Reinvent You! How to Move From “We” to “Me” After Divorce” and went on to reach No8 on the International Bestseller List in the Divorce category! Reinvent You! is a testimony to Zina’s own story of overcoming a painful divorce and relationship and offers real insight and practical advice for recent divorcees in such a warm and friendly manner. We helped Zina to set up her own publishing brand, “Believe and Live Again” so that all her forthcoming books can now be published under her own brand! Congratulations Zina!



Poetic Surds

Sat 14th January was a very special day indeed for our youngest author, Micah Dolphy. Micah came to Conscious Dreams Publishing- after I visited her school and was blown away by her poetry- with a dream and a vision. She simply told me, “I am ready to publish my book.” She had written over 100 poems in honour of her late father who always used to encouraged her to read and write her poems. Her book Poetic Surds, is a collection of poems that address issues such as, mental health, being “different,” grief, loss, nature, self-worth and spirituality. Micah is wise beyond her years and testament to the fact that you can never be too old or too young to stand in your purpose and live your dreams. Not only did Micah become a published author on her father’s birthday, but she became an International Bestseller. No 1 in Women’s Fiction and No 2 in Women’s Poetry as well as making the front cover of The South London Press! Congratulations Micah!

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Zoetic Soul

 Zoetic Soul, written by Psychic Medium Jan Mayfield, is a very interesting read indeed. This book took slightly longer to birth but came out just when the time was right! Zoetic Soul gives the reader real insight into Jan’s live as a psychic medium. Jan Mayfield channels the energies and voices of souls who have evolved and transcribes them. Read the dialogue of the souls who pass on valuable messages and worldly predictions. Regardless of belief of faith, there is no doubt that there are some powerful messages all of humanity can take heed from and apply to their lives in order to live in a more harmonious and enriching world.  Jan was on the Bestselling List for over 1 month in 3 of her categories and was the first Author from Conscious Dreams Publishing to be featured on Amazon’s Hot New Releases! Congratulations Jan!


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Full collection of books published and/or mentored by Conscious Dreams Publishing include

reinvent you                           101


tears                              words

                            Poetic Surds by [Dolphy, Micah]

bestseller                                                     bestseller


Crazy Not to Dream                 PTFP



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Jnaien Cummings Everything     Conscious Dreams Publishing





Mr Wrong image

If you would like to be Conscious Dreams’ next published author or attend any of our workshops, do get in touch with us at info@consciousdreamspublishing.com
I am also offering free 30min phone consultations to discuss your book and help you gain clarity with your vision and direction. Book here: www.tinyurl.consciousdreams30mins
Have an awesome day and remember no dream us ever too big to achieve!
Daniella Blechner
AKA Your Book Journey Mentor
“Be the author of your own destiny!”

8 thoughts on “12 months, 12 books, 12 workshops, 6 Bestsellers, 1 Book Journey Mentor

  1. I’ll be honest… the offer of receiving your free book was a good incentive for me to leave a comment especially as it’s one of the books on my list to read…

    I’m glad you were referred to me as I was ready to just have my book printed as opposed to published… you have enabled my mission to look beautiful…

    Thank you… may YHWH bless you…


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