Interview with Zoe Bennett Author of Networking Personified

Here at Conscious Dreams Publishing we love working with our authors.  Each author brings their own set of skills and expertise with them, and we love to help them achieve their dream of publishing their books.

2017 was such a successful year that we wanted to showcase some of our authors and their books and give you an insiders look into how their book was born, and how Conscious Dreams Publishing worked with them to help them bring their book to life.

We are going to start off with Zoe Bennett, author of Networking Personified. Networking Personified is a fantastic guide to the world of networking and will help you know your USP from your elevator pitch and help you develop the skills you need to make valuable connections that will help you develop your business.  This isn’t just another manual, this book is a journey; a journey to finding the inner, assertive, assured and more confident you.

23559454_10157604013339988_2097395995811035808_nWho is Zoe Bennett?

Zoe Bennett is the author of Networking Personified, the first in a series of books Zoe plans to write discussing the world of business and the key skills needed by the modern day business person.  Released in November 2017, Networking Personified got to Number 3 in the Business Life category on Amazon nestled along with a TED talks publication, a hugely famous and well established brand!

Zoe owns a Personal Development Training Company and is also an International Inspirational Speaker known as the ‘Motivational Queen’. Zoe believes that ‘through adversity breeds success’ and after going through a traumatic time in her own life, including the tragic loss of her father, wants to share her message. That message is that when life overwhelms you and you cannot see a way of succeeding, you can find the inner motivation, strength and strategy to ensure you are successful even through the toughest times.

In this blog we will be finding out a bit more about Zoe, her book and also all about her journey with Conscious Dreams Publishing!  Thanks to Zoe for taking the time to answer our questions!


Zoe, tell us about how you came to find out about Conscious Dreams Publishing?

It was as simple as a Facebook friend tagged me into one of Daniella Blechner’s Facebook Lives!

How far along were you with your book at this point?

I had already written Networking Personified at that point, in fact I had written it a year previously! I finished the book in summer 2016. The book only took 2 weeks to write, but the year following had been spent editing and getting things just right.

That was quick!

I knew I wanted to write a book. Everyone expected me to write a book about my life. It didn’t make sense for me to write about my life unless you know where I come from, the people that created who I am.  The series of books I hope to write will build that story, and then hopefully I will write the story of my life. There is a build up to everything and I want to map things out so people understand where I come from and see how I have worked to get to where I am, that I haven’t just appeared overnight.

What drew you to work with Conscious Dreams Publishing and Daniella Blechner?

When I saw Danni on her Facebook Live she looked like she had an honest face. Anyone that knows me knows that I only work with people, and associate myself with people, that are honest.  I just had a good feeling about her. Some people you meet try and hold information close to their chest, they don’t give much away.  Danni was so generous with the information she was offering, giving such good value, that I knew if she had that much to give for free, she had a lot more to give later on.

What Conscious Dreams Publishing Service did you use?

I knew exactly what I needed from Danni, it was just a case of telling her my brief and seeing if she could do it. I am so busy, I just didn’t have the time to do the online inputting of the book and the formal bits. I could have done it, but it was a case of I had a lot of other projects on and I needed to utilise my time elsewhere.  The work I needed doing with the book utilising Daniella’s skill set and expertise, it made sense to outsource it to her. It is all about good time management skills!

Zoe Book launch 2What was the most valuable support that Conscious Dreams Publishing and the experience of working with Daniella gave you?

The most valuable support was that I knew it was in safe hands. I knew that once I handed things over there wouldn’t be a lot of back and forth, to and fro. We were very honest of what we expected of each other and there were no blurred lines whatsoever.

I was hugely impressed with Daniella and her quality.  She expressed to me that everything she does, she wants to make sure is excellent quality.  It gave me reassurance that she felt my book fell into that category! Obviously you write your book and you think it is good, but it was nice to know that she felt the quality was there and that she would take on the project and work with me.

Danni just ‘got’ the business side of things.  Some people pretend to be genuine and some people are.

“If you walked into a bookshop and there was a genuine person shelf, that’s where you would find Daniella”.

What or who inspires you to write?

My inspiration comes from my father, he was the King of networking. I am pretty sure he invented networking!  People would gravitate towards my father, hang on what he had to say and it was like poetry in motion to watch.  My dad taught me about business and how to build relationships. He inspires me in all that I do.

Now a word from Daniella Blechner, Book Journey Mentor and Founder of Conscious Dreams Publishing about working with Zoe.

Daniella, you are quite specific about the people you work with and projects you take on, what drew you to work with Zoe?

What drew me to Zoe AKA The Motivational Queen was her infectious energy.  I love to see people full of passion and driven by real sense of purpose and this is exactly how I would describe Zoe. When she contacted me telling me she wanted to publish her book, I felt the drive in her voice.  I love that her book, “Networking Personified” is not just a guide to networking but that she focuses on the importance of connection and relationship building as opposed to business card collecting. I love that she is passionate about teaching people the importance of offering value to others and giving first as opposed to taking what you can get from networking opportunities. I think connection is a value that can often get missed and I really honour that in Zoe.

Having attended Zoe’s book launch in October, I had a chance to see first-hand how much she is loved and how much of a connector she really is. Zoe builds bridges between people, she connects people and despite being such a busy woman, she always has time for people. I later learnt that this is an attribute instilled in her by her late father who was very much a connector too and taught Zoe the importance of community and working together. I admire that in Zoe and know that her book can help many others who are unsure as to how to act in what can be the daunting world of networking.

What did you enjoy most about working with Zoe?

What I loved about working with Zoe is that she, like me is no no-nonsense. We both had the attitude of “let’s get this done” and things were seamless in that process. Zoe is intent on getting things done properly and was prepared to take our advice and expertise and invest in having a book of quality which meant taking on board editorial advice and being realistic with time frames.

Zoe was swift to respond to us which is key as communication and meeting deadlines is a two way street in the publishing process.  I also loved Zoe’s humour and focus; it’s great to work with someone who knows exactly what they want and has humour to boot! As I got to know Zoe more, having attended her book launch I resonated with her desire to empower and motivate people to overcome adversity through having overcome some of her own traumatic challenges in her own life. After tragically losing her father, who was murdered, Zoe remains strong in her conviction to help other people and use her energy to make a difference to other’s lives. She is strong and resilient and my type of woman!

I wish Zoe all the best with her book Networking Personified. She has worked very hard on creating a book that can transform the way you network forever!

This blog was written by Conscious Dreams Publishing Virtual Assistant Claire Lockey, you can check our her website here



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