Interview with Usha Chudasama, author of Your Happy Child: 10 Proven Steps to Raising a Happy Child

Back in January, we began a series of blogs where we interview one of our Conscious Dreams Publishing authors. Kicking us off was the brilliant Zoe Bennett author of Networking Personified released in November 2017. You can read her brilliant interview here.

Our next interview is with the amazing Bestselling author and Child Psychotherapist Usha Chudasama. Usha published her book Your Happy Child: 10 Proven Steps to Raising a Happy Child with us also in November 2017 and her wonderful book became a bestseller the first week it was released.

Your Happy Child

Who is Usha Chudasama?

Usha is the Founder of her company Healing Feeling which she began because, throughout her career, one thing had always been present, her passion and desire to help children who have emotional, social and mental health challenges to learn preventative strategies to turn their lives around. Usha supports both parents and children and also offers well being and mental health training to professionals in her field. She works as a school psychotherapist, a freelance trainer and works with children, adolescents and individuals through both her private clinic in London as well as through her outreach workshops and throughout communities in London.

Accredited by the United Kingdom for Psychotherapy (UKCP) and registered with the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP), Usha is a Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master and trainer.

1. Usha, tell us about how you came to find out about Conscious Dreams Publishing?

Actually, I googled it! I had been with a publisher before but it hadn’t worked out and I was looking for a new one. I had the manuscript completed and a few people had mentioned Danni before, so I googled Conscious Dreams Publishing and arranged a consultation.

2. How far along were you with your book at this point?

I had finished the book so I had a finished manuscript. I just didn’t know how to do the editing. I have already had the book proofread and edited, but had to go through that process again as had Danni had her own editing team. I didn’t know where to go from there and I wasn’t sure about how to promote the book. It was at that point, and from speaking to Danni, that I realised that the book was a business and that is why I decided to go to the ‘Power of Your Story’ Workshop. After having the consultation, Danni has suggested that would be a good next step for me and my book.

3. What drew you to work with Conscious Dream Publishing and Daniella Blechner?

I think it was how Danni presented herself; she wasn’t pushy. She listened to where I was at in my journey and was very encouraging. I had lots of questions and Danni was able to answer all of them which felt good. Also, it was a personal thing; if I like the base of someone then I go with it. It was gut instinct. I felt a connection with her during our consultation. I actually didn’t research any more publishers after speaking to Danni because I felt that working with Conscious Dreams Publishing was the right direction for me and I trusted my gut instinct.

What Conscious Dreams Publishing Service did you use?

I did the full publishing and mentoring package, called The Complete Journey, with Conscious Dreams Publishing which included the ‘Power of Your Story’ workshop. From the ‘Power of Your Story’ workshop, I was able to learn about social media and how to use that. The workshop doesn’t do it for you, but it gives you guidance on what you can do so then you can go and implement it! You just need to go ahead and do it!


Did the workshop give you the confidence to go ahead and try these things?

In some ways, yes it did. At this point, I had also just started working with Dean Williams from Exclusive Visions. (Dean is a Business Consultant who through his company Exclusive Visions helps entrepreneurs to grow their business). It was great having them both on board because if I got confused or worried about something, I was able to go back and ask them for their advice or guidance. The nice thing about Conscious Dreams Publishing and Danni, is that even though your programme is finished, you are still able to tap into Danni’s knowledge and ask questions. She is so helpful and generous with her advice; she doesn’t just say she will help, she really means it!

Usha, Danni, Dean

What was the most valuable support that Conscious Dreams Publishing and the experience of working with Danni gave you?

I would say that Danni was ever so patient. When you don’t know something or something is new to you, you are consciously worried about it. You suddenly have thoughts at 3 am, (not that I rang her at 3 am!) but every time I had a question, or if I was getting worked up or worried about something, she was always there, patient and reassuring. The other thing was having the book uploaded onto the right platforms and support setting up my own publishing brand name. That was a really good experience. With Danni, she is there for the authors and that is what I liked about working with her. She has the right team of people working with her, so if she didn’t necessarily have the knowledge, she could signpost you to someone who did within her team of professionals. Lucky, as because I was also working with Dean, I had great support between the two of them. The other nice thing was that both of them turned up at my book launch. Both of them! I really do value that and the support that they offered. It was like a whole experience, a whole journey with them.

What or who inspires you to write?

The thing that really inspired me? My daughter Lena. Everything I had done was tried and tested when my daughter Lena was 7, but everything started with her. There was a real penny-dropping moment for me when a parent stopped me in a playground and thanked me for changing the whole course of her family’s life. I had done some work with her son who had some anger issues and she felt that the change in him had such an impact not only on her child but on their relationship and the dynamic of their entire family. It was at that point, that I realised the importance of how much emphasis you put on your children and the impact it has on their whole life, their life as an adult and then the impact that has on their children. It was a real moment of affirmation about the work I was doing.

What advice would you have for someone who wants to write their book?

I would say if somebody wants to write a book, they either need to have a passion or an idea that has come from an internal motivation. That internal motivation should really be harnessed and nurtured. Just go ahead and do it! Even if you book impacts one person you will have done your job in the world and in society. Because that one person will impact 10. It will have a ripple effect. So go and do it!  There is a lot of personal motivations for writing a book. It can be very cathartic and therapeutic -you learn a lot about yourself- it is like a personal development journey. It was for me anyway!

Danni and Usha Book Launch

Daniella, you are quite specific about the people you work with and projects you take on, what drew you to work with Usha?

I loved the fact that Usha is passionate about what she does. She has a real mission to increase the well-being of children and enhance that parent/child bond. As an ex-secondary school teacher who is aware of the rise of mental health amongst our young people, I resonated with her book and message and felt that she had a very strong “why” and belief in the book’s impact.

As a person, Usha is very driven and determined. I love this quality about her. She is also humble and, at times, lacked self-belief. I felt that if I could get her to see how truly amazing she really is, we would be in for a great journey! I was not disappointed as I have watched Usha grow from strength to strength both in confidence and belief in what she is doing. Before the workshop, she had never done a Facebook live or delivered a keynote speech before so to see her gain confidence in her regular live shows and speak on stage with eloquence and purpose was a real treat! Consequentially, she went on to work with my partner and Business Consultant, Dean Williams from Exclusive Visions and it has been an honour to see her fly in the area of business too as it’s all linked! Working with Usha has been fab!

What did you enjoy most about working with Usha?

What I most enjoyed about working with Usha is her vision. It wasn’t just about the book but how her book will leverage her business and impact many. I loved the fact that her book would help position her as an authority in her field and open many more doors for her. Another key factor was her drive to continue to learn more and more. As a mentee, she was great as it meant as it pushed me to deliver more and see her fulfil her highest potential with her book.



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