How writing a book helps build your business and career

People want to write books for many different reasons, personal ones, creative ones, even indulgent ones, but can writing a book be a good move in terms of your business?


In this blog, we will be discussing some of the reasons why writing a book could be a turning point in your career and opening doors to opportunities you never thought possible.

Being an expert

If you write a book on a subject that is linked to your career, this can be a fantastic way of establishing yourself as an authority in your field.  By writing a book, people are naturally going to assume that you know a thing or two about your chosen topic.

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Writing a book consolidates your position as an expert in your field.

It not only shows that you are serious about your profession but can help you gain respect from your peers and readers elevating your status and expertise. But don’t be fooled, anyone can write and publish a book and claim to be an expert! The content of your book still needs to be high-quality work, thoroughly researched and hopefully backed up by the experience in the field you already have.

Writing a book about the field you work can be a Launchpad for your business in a number of ways, let’s explore some of them.

Create a brand

Writing a book can be a great way of starting to build a brand in your business.  For example, perhaps your book has a catchy title ‘The XYZ Method’.  If your book is successful and well received, there is no reason that this could not be a catalyst for further work around the ‘XYZ Method’.

Grouping your work and products together in this way will help you become known for a particular type or style or work, and in turn, will help you build your brand. Perhaps the launch of your book would coincide nicely with a rebrand of your business to showcase this new direction?  Consider the bigger picture when you are thinking about writing your book, could you create a brand platform with the book as the anchor and you behind it as the authority?


Not only will creating a brand help you sell books in the first instance, but it could potentially set you up to build an entire product line of services. Have you ever heard of a product staircase? This is where you have an initial product which when purchased, through clever promotion and relationship development with your reader, could lead to the purchase of further products.  For example, perhaps you publish a book, then develop an online course further expanding on your book, which then turns into face to face training, mentoring services, coaching and beyond.

New opportunities

Sometimes in your career, it is easy to become static, doing the same thing and meeting the same people day in and day out. This doesn’t mean you don’t love what you do, but it can be hard to find new opportunities when you are moving around the same circles.

Writing a book is an incredible way of creating new opportunities for you and your business.

  • Through promotion and press you will be raising awareness of your services and expertise to a wider audience and from that, exciting opportunities may arise.
  • Perhaps you may be invited to a speaking event, someone may become aware of your book and feel there could be a joint working venture to be had.
  • You may be invited to sit on panels or be involved in projects because of your expertise.
  • You’ll meet lots of new people whilst promoting your book, expanding your network and have conversations that wouldn’t have happened without it. Through conversations, opportunities are born.

There is a theory called Planned Happenstance that suggests “that even if you don’t know exactly where your actions will lead, just by being active and doing the right kinds of things, great things can and will happen.” Krumboltz’s Theory

Increase Revenue

Now let’s be clear, we aren’t saying that if you publish a book you are going to be rich overnight (see more about that in our blog here), but publishing a book can lead to increased revenue for you and your business. This may be from book sales, but more likely will be through the increased opportunities that come with publishing a book.  Elevating your platform as an expert in your field, and becoming known for that, is an excellent way of being able to raise yourself into the next pricing bracket when it comes to selling your services.  Through your brand development and product staircase, you may also be able to generate passive income (for example online workshops).

Personal Development

It would be fair to say that writing a book can be extremely challenging, but ultimately, exceptionally rewarding.   Authors we know have often described writing a book as “a journey”, “cathartic” and even “cleansing.” Writing a book can be a brilliant personal development exercise, not only will you be learning new skills about how to improve your writing, it can lead to improved communication skills and through research, further increase your expertise in your field.

author blog create creative
“An investment in your personal development is the best investment you can make” –  Jim Rohn.

Writing a book and the opportunities that it brings may help you identify skills that you never knew you had. Perhaps you are a natural public speaker, excel at designing training or have a flair for marketing, you may not find out until presented with such opportunities off the back of writing your book.   Through developing new skills, you may be able to diversify your career in a way that would never have been possible before writing a book.

In summary, a book can be a very powerful tool for advancing your career and help you to stand out from the crowd differentiating yourself from your competitors.  Writing a book can act as a business card because just saying you’re the best at what you do isn’t enough these days, a book solidifies that claim. Thinking longer term, a book is your legacy and lives forever – imagine that!

If you are an expert in your field and have an idea for a book, why not book a free 30-minute consultation with Book Journey Mentor Daniella Blechner. Conscious Dreams Publishing offers hassle-free, bespoke and high-quality support to help you get your book published with minimal work. Working with a team experts we can help you get your book from pen to page and then even support with marketing and promotion to help you raise your visibility. We can’t wait to hear from you



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